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Sleep, Sleep Training & The Crib

How to Get Your Baby To Sleep In A Crib

Last Friday, Rebecca and I packed up the van and headed to Ottawa for YMCWinterlude. I was very excited to go because A) Rebecca and I were having our first mommy/daughter weekend together

B) I was going to see my sister and her family C) I was going to see all the yummies mummies around and D) I was going to get some sleep!

I may have been most excited about D.

You see, Siobhan has been very restless lately and since we have been sharing a bed, I haven’t been getting a whole lot of sleep. She is also crawling now, so I often wake up panicked thinking she is going to crawl off the bed (this may have happened once, but I’m not admitting it to anyone).

So, I figured while I was away, I would catch up on my sleep. Who knew sleeping with my five year-old would result in an even worse sleep?? The kid can take up an entire queen size bed! AND she was wrapping herself around me like a python going for the kill.

Needless to say, I was no better rested after sleeping with her.

On my last day there, I was discussing with my sister how I needed to sleep train Siobhan in the crib again, and how I wasn’t looking forward to it. I have never had to do this. Rebecca rarely slept in her crib.

I am also someone who snuggles with her babies to get them to sleep, so I was unsure how I was going to get her to sleep without the snuggling, but I knew it needed to be done in order to save my sanity. I vowed that sleep training would happen when I returned home... and I was dreading it.

Sunday night, I returned home in the early evening and Siobhan was still awake... and excited to see me!!

Tom and I basically exchanged a hug and a kiss before he was out the door to go pick up Ethan and Eleanor from their mom’s, and as he was about to leave, he said “Oh Siobhan has been sleeping in her crib”

I looked at him in amazement. “How did you do that?” He said “I put her in the crib with her soother and I walk away. She cried for a minute and then went to sleep”. I asked a few more questions in complete wonder and with slight disbelief. Then he was gone.

So, bed time rolled around and I walked upstairs with Siobhan. I put her in her crib, stuck the soother in her mouth, she cried for maybe 10 seconds and then I walked away.... waiting... listening... anticipating... nothing.

She went to sleep.

Today, at nap time, I once again put her in her crib and walked away. You know what she did? She slept!!

Guess I don’t need to worry about that sleep training. Maybe I’ll go away again next weekend and see if Tom can potty train her.