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Our Back-To-School Happy Dance

Are We the Only Ones Who Did This?

We just spent a wonderful long weekend with our kids. We planned very little for this weekend to be sure we could spend time with them, and so we could make sure everything would be ready for back to school.

While we spent most of the weekend hanging out with the kids, visiting with family, and doing fun things, today (Monday) was spent tidying rooms, organizing school bags, and getting the kids prepared for school.

They did ask if we could have a bit of an end of summer celebration, so we ordered in a special dinner for them and had some cupcakes for dessert.

Now, our freshly bathed children are sleeping peacefully in their clean rooms with their clothing laid out and their school bags ready to go.

The real celebration is happening now, after bedtime.

Once our busy day came to an end, and we could rest easy that everything was ready for the morning, Tom and I did a little happy dance. I even bought us pop and a chocolate bar as a reward... I know. We are party animals.

Anyone else doing a happy dance now that the kids are going back to school?

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