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MomU With Laurel Crossley-Byers

Step Parenting 101

I went to school for television broadcasting, and I have worked in the television industry for the past 17 years... behind the scenes. Not since my college news cast have I been the person in front of the camera.

So, when I got an email from Laurel Crossley-Byers of MomU asking me to be her guest expert on step parenting, I got a little nervous. I said yes, of course, but I knew if I was going to be comfortable in front of the camera, I would have to do my homework.

I set about making notes, reading books, researching websites. It wasn’t until my notepad was half full that I felt I was ready for any questions that might come my way.

When I got to the station and I was having my make up done, I asked Laurel if she wanted to see my notes. She looked at me as though I was a nut. “Notes?”

What? Isn’t this how people prepare? Maybe not everyone is as forth coming with their neurosis, but I guarantee I’m not the only person who ever took notes to be on her show. Not all of us can be as natural on tv as you, dear Laurel.

So, anyway, my notes came in very handy. I used most of the information I had researched, and I think the show went really well.

If you live in the Oakville/Burlington area and you get cable 23, I hope you will tune in. It’s on Thursdays at 9:30 pm, and the step parenting episode should be running April 12.

Okay, now back to my regular behind the scenes job... seems a little lack luster now.

PS. The producer of MomU, Joey, is fabulous (no money exchanged hands for this compliment, I swear.)