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Is Checking Out Other Houses Like Checking Out Other Women?

My Husband Thinks So

I like to look at houses. It’s not that I am unhappy with the house I have, it’s just something I like to do.

If a house on our street goes up for sale, I have to go online and see how much it’s selling for, look at the pictures, and compare it to our house to see if I think ours would sell for more or less.

I also go on to check the local listings, again, not because I want to move, but I do like to see if there are any five bedroom houses on the market for good prices. Since we have more children than bedrooms, a five bedroom would be cool, and if it had a pool I wouldn’t complain either.

It’s just a fantasy though because Tom has no interest in moving AT ALL.

When I raised my eyebrow at Tom for checking out a young lady the other day, he equated his checking out women to my “checking out” houses. He said he’s completely happy with me, but still likes to check out the market.

Yeah, I didn’t really buy it either, but don’t tell Tom that I sometimes check out guys too or it may result in him starting to check out sports cars... and that won’t be good for anyone!