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Girls Around Me: Creepy GeoLocation App

Making It Easy or Stalkers

Recently, I wrote about TextPlus, a scare we had, and how TextPlus handled it. It made me realize how easy it is for people (strangers) to get in touch with our kids, and it put me on edge with regards to the freedoms I allow our 12-year-old.

I have always been leery about the location services on all social media websites, and have often wondered why people check in with FourSquare—seems like a stalker’s dream come true.

I didn’t realize how accurate that statement was though, until I read this article about an app called Girls Around Me, and I felt sick to my stomach.

This app accesses your Facebook profile information and your location through either FourSquare or Location Services, and when someone uses Girls Around Me. It shows them just that, the girls that are in the vicinity.

If they want to know more about those girls, they can just click and their Facebook profile picture shows up. If they find one of them appealing, they can click their picture and have access to their full name, their age, where they have been recently, what they like and dislike, and maybe even their photo albums. All of this through Facebook.

All I can say, is make your privacy settings as high as you can, and make sure your kids are set high too. And for Pete’s sake, stop checking in everywhere!

I am happy to report that this app has been banned by FourSquare and it has been removed from the app store. Facebook is still silent about where they stand. Even though this app has been rendered useless (thank goodness), check your security settings. Who knows what will be developed next.