Maureen Turner: We Are Family


Friends With My Ex

A Very Happy Mother's Day

I have written before about how crazy my ex’s schedule is, and how we work around his schedule to accommodate visitation. So, he has been doing his best to come visit regularly, but sometimes that means he only has a few hours with Rebecca.

So, rather than driving her back and forth (an hour each way), he has been doing his visiting at our house. I know, for some people, this would be awkward, but I am happy to say that Keith has a great relationship with our whole family.

So, sometimes, he and his son come for dinner, sometimes he comes alone. Sometimes he takes Rebecca out for dinner, and last weekend he took me, Rebecca, and my other daughter Siobhan out for dinner.

It was really nice, and I think these visits have helped Rebecca to see that her mom and dad are really good friends.

A few weeks ago, my husband was helping Keith change the lights on his car, and things weren’t going well. In the end, Keith’s lights weren’t working and it was dark, so we loaned Keith our car to drive home.

He returned it the next morning and took his car to a mechanic to get his lights fixed (I will refrain from commenting on this, men, fixing things, asking for directions, or any other stereotype).

My point is, we are very good to one another, and are always willing to help one another. I think this is important. I treat him (and he treats me) like I would any other friend.

Then, last weekend after Keith had left, I found a card sitting on my side table that said “Maureen”. I thought it was probably a card I had gotten for my birthday that one of the kids had relocated, but I opened it anyway.

Here is what the message said: “Moe, thank you for doing a wonderful job with Rebecca. Happy Mother’s Day." It was from Keith.

I cried, and sent him a thank you text…cause that’s what friends do.


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