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Five Things I Learned This Halloween

Green Pumpkins, Candy and Baby Chicks

This Halloween, I learned a few things.

Green pumpkins are super cool and softer than orange ones, which makes them easier to carve. The guts were also less slimy and easier to remove.

Even if a pumpkin doesn’t look rotten on the outside, you might find rotten pumpkin soup inside that will make you dry heave for a good 10 minutes.

Your children will collect less candy if you allow them to go out wearing the ridiculously small amount of clothing that they think is appropriate for October in Canada because they will soon realize they were horribly wrong.

Everyone must eat their mini Crunchie bars before the trick or treaters arrive because in four bags of candy, I found only one.

It takes a long time to get a good picture of three little chickens.