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Brown Babies and White Babies

What's The Difference?

I don’t suppose there are a lot of women who can say they have given birth to both a brown baby and a white baby. I would like to share with you the differences between them.

There are none.

Well, I suppose there are the usual differences that you would find between any babies. You know, one likes avocados, the other doesn’t, curly hair vs straight hair etc.

There are no race related differences.

Actually, while there are no race related differences in the babies, there are certainly differences in how other people react and treat them.

No-one ever asks if my white baby is mine.

Should you spend time with either of my girls, you will find that they each have a delightful giggle, their smiles can light up any room, and they enjoy being the centre of attention, pretty average stuff for any kid.

If you are wondering the point of this post, it is to tell you that the colour of someone’s skin does not determine who they are, it only determines how you might treat them.