Maureen Turner: We Are Family


Blender Drinks and Blended Families

Weight And Relationships

You know when you were young and you first met someone and you wanted to look all good, so you hardly ate and you ordered salads instead of steak to stay skinny, and then you’d get comfortable and you’d start eating steak... and ice cream again and then you would gain a little weight? Of course you do, don’t be silly.

Okay, and remember how when you broke up you would stop eating again in order to get rid of those extra pounds, but you never really loose all of it cause you’re older now? Yup, you do. (Or maybe it’s just me... and Tom, but I’m going to pretend it happens to everyone)

Now, pretend you’re in your late 30’s and you’ve been divorced... a couple times. Add in having a baby and a love of baked goods (You’ve since given up that pretending you don’t eat on dates thing).

Then you meet your true love... again. Yes, your high school sweetheart. You both have kids who, eventually, take part in your wedding, you have a baby together, and you’ve never been happier.

Now, assume you have just told said high school sweetheart that you want to write a really meaningful post about blended families because Yummy Mummy Club’s focus this month is “Redefining Family”, and he says “Why don’t you pick a blender drink to represent us all”, and although you get the concept, you question how meaningful it is.

Then, you pick up @CocktailDeeva’s Libations Of Life A Girls Guide To Life One Cocktail At A Time because you have serious writer’s block and you may actually have to start matching your loved ones with alcoholic beverages. Then, you come across this recipe:

Who Shrunk My Belt Bellini

1.5 ounces vodka (or flavoured vodka)
2 ounces chilled water w/ 1 packet sweetener
2 ounces lime juice
6 large cubes fresh watermelon
1 cup smashed ice

Add all ingredients to a blender and blend until smooth. Poor into a tall chilled glass and garnish with a chunk of watermelon.

And that’s when you realized you could define your blended family as a blender drink because despite all of your years of turmoil in unhappy relationships, despite all the ups and downs of bringing two families under one roof you have started a weight loss challenge. Do you know why? Because you are so happy now that you are stuck in that comfort zone. You’ve slipped into a relationship that is so comfortable those extra pounds feel welcome.
So, yes, my belt is a little tighter... oh, who am I kidding? I live in yoga pants and sweatshirt, and not solely because of the comfort zone but because my jeans require a hand to get them on.