Fashion Tips From a Pro

My Rack To Rack Fashion Funshop Experience

Fashion Tips From a Pro

Last week, I attended my first Rack To Rack Fashion Funshop with Rachel Matthews and, as promised, I am going to share my bounty of knowledge with you.

The first thing I learned was that Rachel is a firecracker! She is bright and vibrant and has a smile that lights up the room. I also learned that she knows how to put the “fun” in fun shop, as soon as walked in, I was offered a glass of sangria. That’s my kinda party.

The most valuable information Rachel imparted upon us was that the most attractive thing a woman can wear is self-confidence. While the clothes can make you look good, it’s your attitude that will garner the most attention, and if you are insecure it doesn’t matter what you are wearing, people will see through it.

So what are Rachel’s fashion secrets as far as the actual garments go? Here are my top 5 tips:

When buying jackets, make sure they are structured and fall either above or below your hips. You don’t want a line going across the widest part of your body. Always create a distinguished waistline.

Skinny jeans were made for skinny people... hence the name. If you are full figured and want to wear skinny jeans, you need to pair them with boots to balance out your look. Wide hips and skinny ankles will make you look like a pear.

Colour is your friend and contrary to popular belief, black does not go with everything. While black is safe, a flattering colour will make you pop.

If it looks boxy and unflattering on the hanger, it probably looks boxy and unflattering on you. Remember, structure and waistline.

My favourite tip: A mock neck tank top is nobody’s friend. Don’t even think about wearing it.

Now, go out and buy yourself something fabulous!


Understanding Boys

I Kinda Get It Now

Understanding Boys

When Tom and I got together, I gained a daughter and a son. I already had a daughter, so that was nothing new, and surely a little boy couldn’t be that different, right?


It was like Ethan and I spoke different languages. Tom had to translate sometimes and explain to me what Ethan was talking about.

I had to learn how to navigate the boy toy aisles at the toy store. They are scary and dark compared to the pretty pink aisles I was used to... and what the heck are half those things? All I know is the word “mega” and “battle” are used in the boys aisles a lot!

It’s been 3 years now, and I am learning the ropes. I figured out what a Bakugan was and I know which wrestlers are cool (kinda)... I even know some wrestling moves (not how to do them, just what they are called).

For instance, when my daughter said this the other day “I’m going to give your teddy an attitude adjustment right down the stairs” I knew that she was playing wrestling with Ethan because an “attitude adjustment” is John Cena’s finishing move... not bad, eh?

So, when I said to Tom the other night that I was going to pull out my secret chocolate stash, but I wanted to hold off because I knew Ethan was going to want to come down to brag about his latest bowel movement, Tom said “You’re starting to understand boys”.

It only took a few years... and I still don’t really get it, but I do accept it.