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Pimp Your iPhone, iPad Or iPod Touch Screen With New App

Your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch Wallpaper Does Not Have To Look Like Everyone Else’s. This Clever App Can Help Give It Some Personality And Style.

Sick of your smartphone or tablet's bland backgrounds? Not wild about your digital wallpaper?

You're not alone! But now you can do something about it and have some fun in the process.

Personalize your favourite iOS screen, with an app like Apalon’s Pimp Your Screen-a $0.99 download that houses a large collection of unique backgrounds to decorate your device.

Use your fingertip to flip between various images—many of which look like shelves or slots that seem to hold the app icons in place—such as branches on a tree, ice cubes, picture frames, and so on. There are a lot of styles, colours and objects (such as cars, flowers and hand-drawn characters) to choose from.

Many images, which are original and exclusive to this app—says the developer—are also available for both vertical and horizontal orientation. You can scroll through the images by theme, such as Neon and Skins, or peruse the collection by category, like Recent and Popular. It’s also possible to rate apps based on how much you like them.

You can preview what each image looks like with your icons behind it, right from within the app. But to make the picture your home screen (seen behind your icons) or as a lock screen (viewed when you turn on your iGadget), you need to first save the desired image and then go to your photos area to set it as wallpaper.

You can also email a photo to a friend or family member for them to use as wallpaper. New images are added weekly, according to the developer.

If you’re looking to add some individuality and personality to your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, the Pimp Your Screen app is a recommended place to start.