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Easiest Chocolatey Iced Coffee with Baileys

Just In Time For Mother's Day

Ladies, with Mother's Day just around the corner I know you are looking for some subtle and not so subtle hints to send your partner on things that would make you feel celebrated on this very special day and yet are easy enough for your other half to handle. 

I promise, this recipe is easy enough that even my husband could make it and he probably would make himself one while he was at it.

So while you're sending the link to Gav Martell's Mother's Day 101 recipes and—of course—breakfast muffins for the kids, make sure you send this one too. After all breakfast in bed is not complete without something special to sip.


Chocolate syrup
2 cups strong brewed coffee (cooled or at least room temperature)
1 oz. Bailey's Irish Cream
Whip cream
3-4 Ice cubes

 Rim inside of glass with chocolate syrup (I usually try for circles all the way around the glass starting at the bottom but they end up looking like globs most of the time).

 Add ice, Baileys and coffee.

 Stir gently, top with whipped cream and serve.