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Barbeque Sliced Potato Recipe

Inspired by Family Campfires in the Rockie Mountains

My Dad and Step-Mom moved to Calgary for a few years when I was in University. Every few months I would fly in for a visit and they would take me and my brothers and sister to Banff.  Thanks to them, I have loved the Canadian Rockies ever since.

My Dad is an amazing cook. In fact his Two Potato Soup is still one of the top recipes my friends ask me for.  He tells me it's because he worked as a short order cook when he was in school but I think like every talented chef, he has an understanding of food and how to make it taste fantastic.

Because of this, instead of piling us all into a booth at a local restaurant, my Dad would head to a provincial park at the foot of a mountain and BBQ something amazing on a small camping charcoal grill.

My favourite side dish was always these potatoes.


4-5 Baking Potatoes
1 Tbsp. sea salt (or other coarse salt)
1/2 cup butter, cubed
1-2 cloves garlic, peeled and crushed (optional)
Non-Stick spray

 Tear off an 18-20 inch piece of tin foil, place on counter dull side down and spray shiny side with non-stick spray.

 Wash and thinly slice potatoes (do not peel).

 Place single layer of potatoes onto sprayed side of tin foil and top with a third of each: butter, garlic and salt.  Repeat with two other layers (three layers in total) of potatoes.

 Place second piece of 18-20 inch piece of tin foil with shiny side sprayed with non-stick spray on top of potatoes and fold at seams so that there is no openings for steam to escape.

 Grill over high heat for 35-45 minutes.

 Remove from grill and slice slit in top of tin foil pack to allow steam to escape before serving.

NOTE:  This recipe can also be cooked over a campfire for equally tasty results.

BONUS: Any leftover potatoes (if you should be so lucky) can be heated up in a frying pan with a tbsp. of butter the next morning for breakfast.

TIP:  Always put the shiny side of tin foil down against the food you are cooking and the dull side out as the shiny side will deflect the heat (especially in your oven) and your food may cook unevenly and/or cooking time may need to be adjusted - or so says some relatively smart women in my family.