Three-Ingredient Crunchy Asian Salad Recipe

My New Favourite Potluck Salad

Three-Ingredient Crunchy Asian Salad Recipe

One of the best parts of moving back to our hometown is being closer to my dad and stepmom and the goodness that comes out of their kitchen on a regular basis. While my dad is my go-to-kitchen-collaborator, some of my favourite recipes including this Three-Ingredient Crunchy Asian Salad Recipe come directly from Sheila's imagination.

We have eaten this crunchy Asian salad at almost every single one of our family dinners since we've been home and it's become my favourite addition to any potluck because it's as easy as it is tasty!

Simply chop your Chinese cabbage.

Add your dressing.

Toss in your crunchy bits.

Stir until evenly coated and enjoy!


1 medium Chinese cabbage
1 - 1 1/2 cup(s) of Asian salad dressing (I used President's Choice Asian Sesame)
200g Asian salad topping (I used 2 packages of the President's Choice brand)


  Slice cabbage and place in serving bowl.

  Add dressing and Asian salad topping and stir until coated.

  Stop looking for more directions and go enjoy your salad because it really is THAT easy!

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