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How To Calculate The Size Of Your Thanksgiving Turkey

The Easy Way To Calculate How Large It Should Be

The easy way to calculate how large your turkey should be and what you should do when hosting a dinner with more than 25 people.

I will never forget the first time I was in charge of the turkey for Thanksgiving Dinner. I bombarded my dad and my grandma with tons of questions starting with—How big of a turkey should I buy?

Their answer: You need about 1 pound of turkey per adult and half a pound per child.

This works really well when you have up to 25 people, but if you’re having more I don’t recommend stressing about trying to find a 40+lb turkey and then trying to find a pan (and oven) big enough to fit it in. Instead, consider doing this or supplement a very large turkey with a ham made in the slow cooker and hearty side dishes.

Still unsure? Here are a few tips:

 Ask around. If you can, ask the person who was in charge of the turkey last year what size of turkey they bought and what they thought about the size. If that’s not possible, ask someone with a similar sized family to yours or speak with your butcher when you order the turkey. Also, you can always message me! I’m happy to help.

 Check out The Turkey Farmers of Canada Whole Bird Calculator. Not only does it tell you how big of a bird you need it also recommends thawing and cooking time.

 If your family is a big fan of dark meat, consider doing this instead of buying a bigger bird.

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