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Stop The Family Thanksgiving Fights With This Drumstick Tip

Never fight for a drumstick again

Thanks to this handy life hack, there will never be a fight over the turkey drumsticks again.

Does your family fight over the drumsticks?

Do you find yourself constantly refilling the “dark meat” turkey platter?

Do you buy the biggest turkey you can only to have bigger drumsticks and still find you don’t have enough?

Do you wish you had more dark meat leftovers for soups, stews, and other yummy turkey leftover favourites?

Well, here’s a handy little tip my Dad taught me only last year (no idea why it took him so long to enlighten me!). When you order your turkey from the butcher you can actually request EXTRA DRUMSTICKS.

Last year I ordered a 20lb. turkey and four (yes 4!) extra drumsticks, which came packaged separately when I picked up my turkey. I just threw the drumsticks in the roasting pan with the turkey and cooked, basted, and foiled normally.

Needless to say, the dark-meat fans in my family were thrilled and my favourite leftover turkey recipes were even better, because I had the perfect ratio of leftover dark to leftover white turkey meat.

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