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How To Make The Easiest Disney Frozen Olaf Cupcakes

Do You Want TO Build A Snowman Cupcake?


Do You Want To Build A Snowman? If you live in my house the answer is always YES — even if it’s the middle of a heat-wave filled Southern Ontario Summer and especially when it’s my daughter’s fifth birthday party. Though I’ve made these snowman cupcakes before (usually at Christmas) they were an absolute must when planning the Disney Frozen themed food for my daughter’s Frozen Birthday Party.

What You Need:

24 White cupcake liners
1 package white cake mix
1 container of white icing
Mini chocolate chips
Butterscotch Chips
½ cup white sugar

What To Do:

  Bake cupcakes in white liners as directed on the package.

  Cool and ice with white icing.

  Use mini chocolate chips for eyes and mouth (2 for the eyes, 5 for the smiling mouth)

  Use butterscotch chips for the nose.

  Sprinkle with white sugar to make them “glisten” like snow (I do this over the sink to shake off the excess).

  When ready to serve, label your Olaf Cupcakes using these fun Frozen themed Menu Cards with Snowball holders.

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TIP: Just for fun, I baked one package of white cake mix and made half of the cupcakes into Olaf Cupcakes and the other half into Snowflake Cupcakes.