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Top Ten Budget-Friendly Disney Frozen Party Foods

Put A Freeze On Overspending With These Heart Melting Treats‏


This past weekend we threw my youngest daughter her very first “friend” birthday party to celebrate her upcoming fifth birthday. Everything was Frozen themed — including the food. So if you’re like me and are planning a Disney Frozen themed birthday party and are looking for menu options to please the biggest Frozen-frenzied guests without breaking the bank, this list is for you!

1. Melted Snow: Simply mix up some blue Kool-Aid and put it in a blue pitcher and voila —– Melted Snow!

2. Sven Cookies: Use a store-bought sugar cookie mix, a container of icing, a sandwich baggie and few brown Smarties to create a fun cookie in honour of one of the cutest Frozen characters. Complete step-by-step can be found here.

3. Olaf Cupcakes: Do you want to build a snowman? Here’s how!

4. Snowflake Cupcakes: Simply bake your favourite white cake mix in white cupcake liners, ice with white icing and use a store-bought sparkly blue icing to draw on snowflakes.

5. Troll Rock Truffles: Check out my recipe for these yummy Troll Rocks.

6. Snowball Truffles: Three simple ingredients, a few easy steps and the exact same recipe as the Troll Rocks. Yes, it’s that easy!

7. Snowflake Pizzas: Simply roll-out store bought pizza dough, cut with a snowflake cookie cutter, top with pizza sauce and shredded cheese then bake according to package directions. If you have the time, let your party guests make their very own pizzas as a fun party activity.

8. Snowflake Sandwiches: Think fancy tea-party sandwiches. Simply put your birthday child’s favourite sandwich filling between two slices of bread and cut into snowflake shapes using a snowflake cookie cutter. Child friendly sandwich fillings include slices of ham, cheese, cream cheese (my kids like the strawberry flavoured kind), strawberry jam or cucumbers and plain cream cheese.

9. Olaf Popcorn: This is an essential menu item if you’re watching the Frozen movie with your party guests. Simply fill one of these fun Olaf Treat Bags with your favourite popcorn.

10. Cheese and Crackers: This cheese ball is super easy to make and decorate as Olaf. Simply serve with crackers and watch how quickly your party guests can “unmake” a snowman. PS: make it nut free just by omitting the step where you roll the cheese balls in crushed nuts.

Happy Party Planning Everyone and enjoy the compliments from all your Frozen party guests — including any "special" guests like Anna and Elsa!

PS: Here's how to make the fun Frozen-themed Menu Cards and Snowball Holders.