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Get the Party Started with these Christmas Morning Mimosas

The Perfect Opening Presents Beverage

Holiday Mimosa

In our house, Christmas morning has always been accompanied by a bottle of Homemade Baileys Irish Cream for the coffee and a pitcher of Mimosas. While the typical Mimosa is one part orange juice and one part sparkling wine, this Christmas Morning Mimosa adds a little seasonal flavour to make the perfect present opening beverage. Just remember that someone needs to get the turkey in the oven, so sip and savour!


1 Bottle Prosecco

1 Bottle Orange Juice (the good kind with no pulp)

1 Bottle Cranberry Pomegranate Cocktail (or just plain Cranberry Cocktail will do)

1 Pitcher (the one you put fancy drinks in)


  • Fill 1/2 of your pitcher with Prosecco, then 1/4 with orange juice and 1/4 with cranberry cocktail.
  • Stir gently and serve in champagne flutes or other fancy glasses.

Note: This will make approximately 2 pitchers, but feel free to alter the quantities of each ingredient to suit your taste buds.

PS: Want to know what else in on the table for our traditional Christmas Morning Breakfast? Try my Grandma's version of the Old Fashioned Christmas Morning Wife Saver and my Eggnog Muffins.




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