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Homemade Vanilla Recipe

I know that vanilla is easy and fairly inexpensive to buy, but when paired with a cute gift tag and a family heirloom recipe for muffins or cookies, homemade vanilla makes a super cute DIY food gift for friends, neighbours, and colleagues.

Vanilla Sugar: A Sweet Treat With A Powerful Punch

Simply cut your vanilla bean in half.

Then cut it lengthwise and pull open a bit.

Drop into a glass bottle.

Pour in vodka (I use Alberta vodka because of this of course).

Let sit for a 25 to 30 days then it's ready to use!


Note: amount of ingredients you require will depend on the size of bottle. For gifting, I would suggest a minimum sized bottle that would hold approx. 1/2 cup of vodka and a maximum size of bottle that would hold approx. 1 cup of vodka.

Vanilla Beans (I used 3 stalks per 1 cup of vodka)
Vodka (I used one cup of vodka)


  Cut desired number of vanilla beans in half.

  Then cut each half lengthwise and pull open a tiny bit.

  Place desired number of vanilla beans into bottles and fill with vodka, seal and shake gently.

  Your homemade vanilla will be ready to use within approx. 30 days so if you're gifting and didn't start a month before simply include a "Ready to Use Date" on the gift tag.

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