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Top 10 Tasty Transformations for Leftover Turkey

Substituting Leftover Turkey For The Chicken In These Recipes Turns Leftover Turkey Into Dinner Success!

It's that time of year again. The time of year when we've stuffed ourselves as much as we possibly can with holiday turkey and all the fixings and now we just want to eat something other than turkey sandwiches and more re-heated turkey. To help you with your leftover turkey blahs and make you look like a home cook superstar, here are my top ten favourite recipes for using up leftover turkey.
It's as simple as substituting leftover turkey for the pre-cooked chicken in most of these recipes or being just a wee bit creative in how to store leftover turkey for future use.

  First and foremost don't EVER throw out the turkey carcass — make homemade slow cooker turkey stock instead!

  Greek Yogurt Turkey Salad — one of my favourite work lunches.

  Weeknight Fried Rice — a take out family favourite in less than 10 minutes! Also another one of my daughters' favourite thermos lunchbox meals.

  Freezable Taquitos — these are great for kids' lunches, a quick family dinner or game day munchies.

  Buffalo Turkey Soup — all the spice of chicken wings with not a single sticky finger.

  Fresh Asian Spring Rolls — these are my daughters' absolute favourite lunchbox lunches.

  Burritos— toss in turkey instead of chicken, your favourite veggies and cheese and voila, a whole new dinner.

  Gav's Easy Pot Pie — a deep-dish, home-cooked favourite.

  Asian Peanut Butter Noodles — another family favourite takeout meal that comes together faster than finding the takeout menu in the junk drawer.

  Finally, I like to freeze leftover turkey in individual small freezer bags so that I can make any of the above recipes in a hurray as needed.