Maija Moments: Canned Soup Mom


Completely Grill-Free Father's Day Menu

Celebrate The Men In Your Life Without Them Having To Man The Grill

Make this Father's Day a grill-free day and celebrate the men in your life without them having to man the barbecue.
Father's Day is a time to celebrate the important men in our lives but if your family is anything like mine it's these special men that are masters of the grill. That's why when planning Father's Day get-togethers I opt for grill-free, crowd pleasing favourites so the men I love the most can sit back and enjoy the day.
On the menu this Father's Day are a few Canned Soup Mom favourites — every single one of these recipes can be made ahead leaving lots of time for the hostess to put her own feet up and enjoy the day.
I love this Beer Pulled Pork recipe because it's made in the slow cooker and is easily adapted for a crowd (large or small) simply by buying a larger pork roast and increasing the bbq sauce and beer accordingly. Serve with big crusty buns from the bakery, slices of cheese, and lettuce for yummy make your own sandwiches. If you'd like to fancy-it-up a bit, instead of lettuce, try topping your pulled pork sandwiches with your favourite creamy coleslaw.
The perfect side dish is of course my could-you-please-bring-that-yummy-salad-to-the-potluck Loaded Baked Potato Salad.
As for dessert, it's a big toss-up at our house and I may make two or three just so I don't have to choose only one.
The leading favourite is of course my Oreo Brownie Cake Bars served with vanilla ice cream. If you have a chocolate lover in your life, this cake should be on your must-make-list.
Coming in close second is my simplified Butter Tarts and my Gingerbread Cake.
Last but not least, check out my Top Five Pitcher Drinks recipes for your own libation inspiration.
Happy Father's Day y'all!