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Chicken Burritos Recipe

A Double Duty Dinner Made From Yesterday's Leftovers

I will admit, I am not always a big fan of leftovers. Unless they are well received in my children's lunchboxes the next day or I figure out a way to re-purpose them, leftovers sometimes languish in the back of my fridge (unless it's something chocolate and then it doesn't stand a chance). When I make these Three-Ingredient Slow Cooker Chicken Tacos there are always leftovers and while my kids usually welcome a make-your-own taco lunch the next day, sometimes I like to mix it up a bit. Like turning chicken taco leftovers into baked Chicken Burritos.

Even if your family won't eat Mexican two days in a row, this Chicken Burritos recipe is easy to assemble and freeze or perfect for a drop off meal for a friend in need of a little extra love that day.

Simply spread your salsa.

Top each tortilla with chicken taco filling.
Then top with your veggies, cheese, cilantro and roll.
Place each tortilla in casserole dish.
Brush with olive oil.
Top with more salsa.
Then more cheese.
Then more cilantro.
Bake and enjoy!
1 jar of salsa (approx. 650mL)
6 small tortillas (I use whole wheat)
1 pepper (any colour), chopped
1 tomato (or a handful of grape tomatoes), chopped
2 cups of cheese, shredded (I used Kraft Mexican pre-shredded cheese mix)
3 tbsp. (approx.) of fresh cilantro, chopped or ripped into small pieces
2 tbsp. olive oil (or your Italian salad dressing)
  Pour 1 cup of salsa on bottom of casserole dish sprayed with non-stick cooking spray and spread to cover. Set aside.
  For each tortilla spoon 1/6th of Three Ingredient Slow Cooker Chicken Taco filling, and top with 1/6 of pepper and tomatoes.
  Then top with desired amount of cheese and cilantro, roll and place seam side down into casserole dish.
  Repeat until all tortillas are filled and rolled.
  Brush tortillas with olive oil (I also use Italian salad dressing sometimes).
  Top with remaining salsa (note — any part of the tortillas not covered in salsa will get crispy), cheese and cilantro.
  Bake uncovered in pre-heated 350F oven for 25 minutes.
  Serve warm with sour cream and guacamole.
Note: Want to turn this into a freezer meal? Simply assemble and freeze prior to baking. When ready to use, pop in the oven and increase cooking time to approx. 1 hour or defrost overnight and bake according to directions above.
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