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Smoked Salmon Wasabi Rolls

A Gourmet Appetizer Easy Enough Every Canned Soup Mom Can Make Them


Two days ago I loaded my three children onto a plane (two actually) and flew across the country to spend three weeks at "home." That means for the first time since moving 3,000 kms away from everything and everyone we have ever called home, I get to spend the next few weeks in my Dad and Stepmom's kitchen eating all of my favourite foods.

These Smoked Salmon Wasabi Rolls are definitely one of them and my Dad made them the second day we were here (YAY!).

I love this recipe mostly because I love smoked salmon and the bite of wasabi. I also love them because they are so easy to make and yet look like something very gourmet. Best of all, because you can buy these ingredients days in advance during your weekly grocery shop this recipe takes less time than running out to the grocery store the day of the party to pick up a pre-made veggie and dip tray.

Simply add the wasabi to the whipped cream.

Whip using a hand held blender or your regular mixer (you'll notice my Dad uses his perfectly sized Shrek glass—hardly gourmet I know!).

Lay out one slice of smoked salmon on a flat surface.

Spread the whipping cream and wasabi mixture onto the slice of smoked salmon.

Top with cucumber slices.




1 small package of smoked salmon (defrosted)
125 ml. whipping cream
3 tsp. Wasabi (or to taste—how much you use really depends on how much you like wasabi)
1/4 English cucumber peeled and julienned (sliced into matchstick size)
*NOTE: Sometimes I use alfalfa sprouts instead of cucumber for an equally yummy result.

 Using hand-held blender or mixer, mix desired amount of wasabi into whipped cream until thick (approx. 2 minutes).

 Spread equal amounts of whipped cream and wasabi mixture onto each slice of smoked salmon.

 Top with 2-4 slices of cucumber (or sprouts) and roll.

 Serve immediately or refrigerate for 1-2 hours before serving.

Yield: 8-10 Smoked Salmon Wasabi Rolls.

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