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Top Five Things You Need For Summer

It's time to start summer with these five items that will have you shining in the sun.

You guys, my most favourite season of all is here. Summer! *HAPPY DANCE* I could write a very long list about all the things I love about summer, but long story short, I'm a fan of hot days, sunny skies, and minimal dressing. That means from June until the end of August, I live in little flowy dresses with flip flops or fabulous wedge heels. But let me stop right here, because I want to tell you that you only need 5 things to take you through the summer months.
1. An awesome bathing suit, bikini, or tankini.
The thing I love most about summer is spending time in a pool, near a pool, or on the beach. I love swimming, and so do my children. For swimwear, I always shop at Old Navy, because I can buy as many suits as I like and not feel like I'm spending too much money. They have a huge variety of bathing suits, tankinis, and bikinis. And since they're all affordable, you'll have enough money left over for even more shopping! I also love bathing suits and bikinis from Victoria's Secret and J.Crew. I've always been 100% satisfied with my purchases from these stores, even when I'm shopping online.
2. Flip flops and wedge heels.
As soon as I can get rid of my winter boots, I'm pretty much in flip flops every day. I wear them to the mall, to Starbucks, to the park with my children, to the pool, and when I'm just hanging out with my friends and family. My favourite pair of flips flops are by Tory Burch, and I always stock up when Holt Renfrew has their annual shoe sale. My other go-to shoe in the summer? Wedge heels, of course. I have the most amazing pair from Michael Kors that I wear all the time, and I bought a beautiful wedge heel by Burberry last year. I wear these shoes all.the.time. And I love them, mostly because of how comfortable they are.
3. Flowy dress.
I love how easy it is to get dressed in the summer. It's effortless, really. All you really need? A few cute dresses and you're good to go. I live in dresses during the summer months. Little dresses take me from the office to the patio and all I need to bring with me is a pair of shoes and a light sweater. My favourite dress this season? The blue dress I'm wearing in this picture, from Banana Republic. I have this dress in black too, and I wear them all the time. They're on sale right now, so hurry up and get yourself one, too! The black dress goes from being a beach cover-up to my go-to dress to wear out for dinner. I love the look of a dress pulled together with the right accessories, too, like a cute pair of shades and a hat. All you need are a few accessories, and your entire look is complete. I also love shopping at ModCloth and Old Navy for summer dresses.
4. A great pair of sunglasses.
Every couple of years I invest in a new pair of Chanel sunglasses. For some reason, out of all the sunglasses out there, my eye is always drawn to the Chanel shades. They're relatively affordable, especially if you plan on wearing them every day for a year or two. Regardless of what brand  you go with you (really, the selection is endless!) find a pair that suits you, and a pair you will love to wear.
5. A little sweater for breezy nights.
If you live in Canada, you have to be prepared for a sudden change in weather, even in the summertime. It can be a perfectly sunny and warm day, and within minutes, the temperature will drop and it'll start to rain. I always have an umbrella in my car, a pair of flats in my trunk, and a sweater around my shoulders. I can also get away with wearing strapless dresses to work because I cover up with a sweater when I'm in the office.
Other essentials? A great cover-up to wear by the pool or beach, tank tops (I also live in tank tops and jeans), and sunscreen, of course!
Now that you know all you need are five items, what are you waiting for? Time to go shopping!