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Spring Forward: What I'm Looking Forward to Wearing!

Colour, wedge heels, and dresses, oh, my!

Last week, when I stepped outside, I could see grass. It was ugly, brown grass, but it was grass, nonetheless. Of course this week all my excitement for an early spring was forgotten because winter decided to dump a huge winter snowstorm on me. I know March is going to give it to us good, too, but I'm prepared for that last blast of winter that we'll inevitably face before we can finally shed our winter boots and socks, because you know what? Winter is MY Hunger Games. I will survive. Because damn it, I want to wear my flip flops again!  A few more weeks? Bring. It. I'm ready. I'm ready to embrace spring, and colour and sunshine again. I am SO ready.

Here's what I'm looking forward this spring:

1. Wedge heels. I cannot get enough of the wedge heel. Luckily, wedge heels for the summertime are a lasting fashion staple and not just some passing trend. Every year I buy a new pair, or two, because well, shoes are meant to be worn and I um, walk a lot. So I always need new shoes!

2. Dressing preppy. Oh, this excites me. I think I'm also excited because I just found out what OCBD means: oxford-cloth button-down! Really, I just found this out. I'm a late learning, I am. Dressing in classy, timeless pieces is always a big DO. Also big right now: coloured pants. I am not on board with this, but I have seen the look of green pants pulled off effortlessly! (I'm talking to you, Ali Martell!) Time for a visist to Lacoste, anyone?

3. Colour, and more colour. And add a bit of colour, will you? This year, I will buy more colour. Pink tops, green dresses, bright cobalt blue tank tops, and lots of yellow flowy dresses. I have my entire spring wardrobe planned out, and hung in my closet. Now, to find the funds and the time to find all the clothes I want...In the meantime, frequent manicures in bright shades of pink will keep me happy!

4. Tory Burch everything. I'm not one to fall in love with one specific designer, probably because most designers (Versace, Valentine, Gucci) are out of my price range, unless we're talking about buying one or two 'things' a year, like sunglasses, a pair of shoes, or a purse. I find Tory Burch to be affordable, for the most part, and I also find everything she designs to be classy, effortless, and wearable. Also, perfect for summer. From scarves to shoes—I can't live without my Reva flats or Tory Burch flip flops!

5. Dresses of all kinds. This season, we'll be seeing a lot of bright colours, and colour-blocking is back! Dresses in graphic prints are also hot right now, but I am not loving that look. I am more likely to keep things safe, and stick to stripes, also hot right now.

Now, I have to go—time to get in shape before all the snow melts and I have to shed the sweaters and coats...oh, and next up? Whipping my wardrobe into shape: gotta toss the old to bring in the new, right? Get ready, because warm days are getting closer!