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Make-up in Five Minutes? Oh, Yes, You Can!

Getting ready and out the door in less than five minutes flat

Remember the days when you could wake up at a 'normal' time, hop in the shower and take your sweet time getting ready? Yeah, it's a distant memory for me, too. Every since having children, the time I have to take care of myself had been reduced... drastically. I haven't taken a bubble bath in six years. My showers last three minutes, max.  I haven't locked the bathroom door since I can't remember when.

Of course, I have learned to adapt to my 'new' normal when it comes to getting ready in the morning. That normal includes my little boys in the bathroom with me almost every day! If there is one thing I know how to do when I only have five minutes to do it, it's apply my make-up.

Three things I never do:

1. I never go downstairs unless all the beds are made.

2. I never go downstairs unless I'm dressed.

3. I never go downstairs unless I'm wearing some make-up.

There are a few basics you're going to need in order to get ready in five minutes flat:

A good moisturizer.


Powder, loose or pressed.

Blush, or bronzer.

Eye shadow.

Eye liner.

Lipgloss, lip stick, and a lip liner.


Sounds like a lot, but it's really not.

My five minute routine goes something like this:

Step 1: Wash face/brush teeth, apply moisturizer.

Step 2: Dot concealer where needed. Concealer is perfect to even out skin tones, and making you look like you've had a full night's sleep! (Sneaky, sneaky!)

Step 3: Apply powder all over your face with a big make-up brush. (Invest in a set of good make-up brushes; they're a miust-have!)

Step 3: Quickly apply some blush to your cheeks. If you need helping picking the right shade, go to your favourite make-up counter. You may not know this, but most make-up counters will do your make-up for free, and you can get some great ideas about what shades are perfect for you! Feel free, of course, to buy what you love, and buy what you need! Make-up is a girl's best friend, you know.

Step 4: Apply a primer or neutral colour to your eyelids. I use Vanilla by MAC. Then, apply eye shadow in the colour your like. I'm usually wearing a brown colour of some sort, either by MAC, Chanel, or bobbi brown.

Step 5: Quickly apply some eye liner (black) starting in the inner corner of your eye, thickening the line as you go. You can pull back the skin near your eye (gently!) to help make the line go on smooth. The best eyeliner I have found is by Benefit, and it's called Bad Gal Liner (waterproof).

Voila! Your eyes are done! Oh, but wait - there is one more step here!

Step 6: Mascara time! Maybelline Volume Express is my personal favourite. I use an eyelash curler sometimes, too.

Step 7: Lip gloss! I start with Cherry Chapstick, and then I put on my gloss or lipstick. There are a few shades by MAC that I am absolutely in love with: MAC Viva Glam Gaga Lustre, MAC Amplified, and MAC Cremesheen Glass in Right Image. I mix and match, apply a couple together, and find my perfect shade of popping pink. I sometimes, but not always, apply MAC Spice lip liner, too.

All this? FIVE MINUTES OR LESS, no word of a lie. I even timed myself this morning. It's a quick, easy routine, and the best part? Anyone can do it, really! It's not as hard as baking, you know!