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Summer Dresses You'll Love

From Mini To Maxi, These Are The Sweetest Dresses For Summer

My city is currently under a heat advisory. I'm okay with this, though, because I've spent months waiting for the weather to warm up. I'm loving that now, I can sit outside, enjoy the sunshine (while wearing sunscreen, of course) and wear all the dresses that have been patiently waiting in my closet.

Summer is the most amazing season for a hundred different reasons, and one of those reasons is the ease of summer dressing. A little dress, a pair of flip flops, and out the door you go. 

Okay, enough about that—we all love summer, and we all love the idea of dressing in something easy, comfortable, and stylish—especially on days when it's over 36 degrees Celsius out!

Here are a few of the dresses I love right now:

All The Dresses From Loft: Please don't make me pick just one, because I happen to love them all, and the fact that most dresses at Loft are 40% off right now is way too good an offer to not take full advantage of, right? Right! All the dresses I love are around $30.00 with the 40% off. 

Ann Taylor: The first time I shopped in Ann Taylor I found the most beautiful turquoise dress to wear to my Bridal Tea. It's a dress I bought in 2002 that I could still wear today, (if it fit) because it's a look that hasn't gone out of style. I love the classic pieces at Ann Taylor, and am thrilled that Ann Taylor has come to Toronto. This pretty dress is currently $128.00.

Gap: I am pretty sure half my closet is currently owned by Gap dresses. This year, they have even more variety than ever before and I recently picked up these two dresses for under $100.00 each. The green striped dress is $59.95, and the white and blue striped dress is on sale right now for $49.99. 

Old Navy: Old Navy is my go-to store to stock up on all my summer essentials. From dresses to tank tops, and even swim wear, Old Navy is so reasonably prized, it's impossible to feel bad when you're shopping. I also love Old Navy for children's clothes, especially for the summer season. I love this pink maxi dress, and it's just under $25.00. Amazing!

Nordstrom: In just a couple of years, Nordstrom will be in my favourite mall. I am beyond excited about this, because it is my number one most favourite place to shop when I travel to south Florida. The prices at Nordstrom range from completely affordable to through the roof, but the entire experience, right down to the amazingly helpful sales staff, makes shopping at Nordstrom a beautiful thing. I just found this dress on sale for under $50.00. Score!

Have fun shopping for your dresses, friends. And be sure to tell me if you find any amazing deals, because you know how much I love summer dressing... especially for dresses!