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Tieks: The Must-Have Ballet Flat

Your Feet Will Be Dancing With Happiness

Have you heard of Tieks? They're my new favourite thing. They're adorable, incredibly comfortable, and come in a dizzying amount of beautiful colours. Warning—it will take you hours to select which pair you are going to buy, and don't blame me if you end up buying more than one pair. After all, these flats will certainly become a staple in your wardrobe. These are my new must-have shoes. And I'm so excited to go shopping!

Everyone is wearing them. Yes, even Oprah loves them.

Tieks are "... the most versatile designer flats in the world. Made of the finest Italian leathers and designed to fold and fit in a purse. Wearable all day, every day." Perfection. Especially for someone who is constantly on their feet—like me! I swear, after working all day, and then shifting to "mom" mode as soon as I'm home from work, I don't get a second to sit down and my feet up. So don't my feet deserve some love? I think so. These shoes are perfect for every day, and they sell for $195.00.

Tieks also does great things for women around the world.

The only problem is, I just cannot decide what colour to get! Do I go with classic black? Or pink? Or blue? Or yellow? See? It's a very hard decision!

Other things I love about these cute shoes? The signature Tiek Blue stripe and Tiek Blue rubber patches that accent every single pair. Also, the back of your Tieks are cushioned rather than elasticized to make sure the shoes are never too tight on your heel—a common problem with other pairs of flats. And the box they come in? Stunning.

I love flats, especially my Tory Burch Reva flats, but these have become my new favourite pair and I don't even own a pair—yet. But mark my words... soon they will be mine! (Once I decide what colour to get...)

If you were buying a pair today, what colour would you go with? Something classic, like black or camel, or something funky, like orange and pink?