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Top Five Flats For Any Budget

The cutest flats you've ever seen can be yours this spring!

I have to admit, I have a little problem. It starts with the letter S and ends in the letter E. And there are two letters in between, H and O. Yup, my problem, my addiction, my weakness?

Shoe shopping.

Shoe shopping is quite possibly the happiest type of shopping there is because no matter what store you're shopping at, you're pretty much always going to be the same size. And when you go shoe shopping, well, the choices are endless. I love boots and flip flops and sexy heels and wedge heels and sandals and, fine, I love it all! I also have come to love flats—as a mom of two, I think it's really important to be comfortable while looking sexy and cute at the same time, and I just cannot be running around town with my kids in sexy Louboutins! I'm not Victoria Beckham, after all. Anyway, flats! Flats are great and come in a million different styles and colours.

Here are my current picks for Top Five Flats For Any Budget:

Chelsea Ballet Flat: The Chelsea Ballet Flat by Tory Burch is simply adorable, and Tory Burch is one of my favourite designers ever. I love her shoes and bags and accessories, and these shoes are comfortable and beautiful. I love the detail and the bows. These shoes are $225.00, and will last for years.


Cole Haan Manhattan Ballet: I have a friend who swears her Cole Haan flats are the most comfortable pairs of shoes she's ever worn in her life, and we like to argue about who is right, because I don't there will ever be a pair more comfortable than the Tory Burch Reva flats, but I digress! The Cole Haan Manhattan Ballet Flat are stunning, and come in many different beautiful colours. They have a patent leather upper with an elasticized topline with lacing detail and a rubber pod outsole with Nike AIR technology. And yes, they're comfy and cute and look great with skinny ankle pants and little dresses, too. They're only $158.00. The Air Bacara Ballet Flats by Cole Haan are also amazing and they sell for $148.00.


Casey Nine West: These Casey Flats by Nine West are perfect for the work day, don't you think? They're classy and elegant and remind me of Chanel and the 1950s. I want these flats! I'm in love with the patent toe with bow. How adorable! They're available for $110.00.


Old Navy Ballet Flat: I love stocking up at Old Navy for flip flops and summer clothes, and recently I discovered that they also sell a huge selection of flats, too. The flats come in so many different colours, you could practically wear a different pair of shoes every day! The best part? These flats (so cute!) are only $25.00

Aldo Ballet Flats: These are funky and cute at the same time, and have a little rock n' roll edge to them too, right? I like the colour of these for summer and you don't have to spend a lot on these shoes, either, because they're only $60.00.


Have you spotted any adorable flats that you have to have this spring? I'd love to know where you spotted them and if you have a favourite pair of flats that didn't make my list, let me know about them, too!

Happy shoe shopping!