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What's In For Spring: A Preview

The Looks You'll Be Wearing This Spring

After a hot and sunny vacation in south Florida, I came back home ready for spring. With much sadness, I realized that all my wedge-heeled sandals and Tory Buch flip flops would not be worn again for a few more months. Yeah, we're still in winter mode in Canada, but that doesn't mean I can't share with you the looks I saw in fashionable south Florida, and at the Bal Harbour Shops, pretty much the fashion capital of America, and most definitely the place to be seen.

What was everyone wearing in hot Miami?

Little dresses. When it's hot out, you don't want to be wearing too much, right? I wore my little dresses to the max. Target (now coming to Canada!) always has some great dresses for amazing prices. I can't wait to stock up for the summer! I also love dresses from Modcloth, Club Monaco, Anthropologie, Gap, and Old Navy for the spring and summer months. So much great selection to choose from!

Bright colours. I saw a lot of bright colours, and picked up a fabulous little yellow sweater from Nordstrom that can be worn over everything when it's breezy out. Yellow, bright blue, turquoise, and orange were very popular colours to be seen in. Paired with a tan, these colours look even more amazing.

Skinny ankle pants. Psst, want to know a secret? I discovered the best pair of skinny ankle pants from a blogging friend from Old Navy. The Diva skinny ankle pants are just like the famous Minnie pants from J.Crew which look great on everyone because of their "super-slimming, body-vacuuming fit." The thing I love the most about the Diva pants is the price. Since they're under $30.00, you can comfortably buy more than one pair! Trust me, once you put these on, you're going to want to wear them every single day.They come in blue, green, and black. And they're much cheaper than the one from J.Crew, although both are divine.

Check them out:

Wedge heeled sandals: These are my most favourite and can be worn with pretty much everything, from skinny ankle pants to dresses to shorts... everything! I found my favourite pair of Ralph Lauren wedge-heeled sandals last year from a fabulous shoe store in south Florida, and I wore them almost daily last summer! I ordered another pair with navy straps and had them shipped to a friends house in NYC before BlogHer, and just last week I picked up another pair with beige straps and another pair in black. I seriously cannot get enough of these shoes! They're affordable, comfortable, and so, so practical.

Statement purse: I am a Louis Vuitton girl but I have fallen love with my new Marc Jacobs bag in a blush pink/beige colour. The best part about this purse is the over-the-shoulder strap, which is perfect for when I'm travelling or out and about with my children. I love having my hands free. I saw tons of fabulous designer bags in south Florida, each one more beautiful than the next. I think if you invest in a great designer purse, it'll last for years and years and it's go with all your outifts. Your bag can be your main accessory if it is fabulous! I also love the pretty purses I'm seeing at Gap and Banana Republic for spring, too. A statement purse can look great no matter where it's from!

Patterns: I'm not usually one to wear patters, as I usually stick to solid colours, but the patterns I'm seeing at Old Navy and Gap are way too cute to pass up on. I've even bought a floral dress from Gap and a cute dress with hearts on it from Old Navy!

What are you looking forward to wearing this spring?