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Betty and Veronica Take Over MAC!

Are you the girl next door or the raven-haired temptress? Find out at a store near you...

You guys, I'm so excited! My favourite make-up company, MAC, is bringing my favourite comic book characters to life!

The legendary and oh-so-loved Betty (the beautiful blonde girl-next-door) and Veroncia, (the rich raven-haired temptress) who have been competing for Archie's heart for years, (and years and years) now have their own special make-up line at MAC!

Since February is the month of love, MAC will be launching this new sweet make-up line. How very rertro!

Love is definitely in the air at MAC and I cannot wait to get my Betty on. (Wait... or am I a Veronica?) I'm so excited to try on all the fabulous and fun new shades of lipstick and make-up.

I'll be jumping into their jukebox-joint at a party where I'll even get the chance to take a picture with Archie himself! Yes! I am finally going to meet Archie and I promise you, I'm going to ask him finally... who DO you love best, Archie?

Betty? Or Veronica?

Stay tuned to find out the answer...