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Stay Warm and Keep On Texting!

No more taking off the gloves to send that important tweet...

As if I didn't already have 100 reasons to dislike the cold weather, the fact that I can't use my iphone to text, tweet, or make calls when I'm wearing gloves to stay warm and frostbite-free recently got added to my "Things To Not Love About Winter" list.

But now I can scratch that off my list, because I have found the perfect (warm, stylish, practical) pair of gloves that will also allow you to text and tweet without having to take them off!

Seriously! These Grandoe Freece Touch Gloves (only $43) will keep your hands warm while you use your phone. These gloves are touchscreen-compatible (for the thumbs and index fingers) and they come in a variety of awesome colours, too.

How cool are they? I'll take a pair! They make a great stocking stuffer too, don't you think?