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Tiffany & Co. Holiday Gifts For Under $200

A blue box with a white bow... what more could a girl ask for?

My love affair with Tiffany & Co. started around the time I saw Breakfast At Tiffany's. I love Audrey Hepburn, I love this classic movie, and I love Tiffany's! A lot.

In fact, 90% off all my jewellery is from Tiffany & Co. Most pieces have been gifts from my husband, some pieces have been given to as presents from my children, a few pieces I've bought myself, (it's always okay to treat yourself!) and some have come from my parents, to celebrate special occasions, like birthdays and graduations. Sadly, over the years, I've lost a few pieces, and one day, I will replace them. But for now, I wear my Tiffany jewellery on rotation and I still love everything I own.

You might think that Tiffany & Co. is utterly expensive, and for the most part, you'd be right, but there are tons of beautiful items you can buy from Tiffany & Co. that are affordable. Not only affordable, but timeless and classic. I gave my six bridesmaids and maid of honour thank you presents from Tiffany & Co. when I got married. My bridesmaids received heart keychains, and my maid of honour received the Return To Tiffany necklace. I knew these would be gifts they'd use and love for years to come.

And before you throw out that Tiffany & Co catalogue you received because you think it's out of your price range for gift-gifting or gift-receiving, think again! There are many things you can get in a beautiful blue box for under $200 this holiday season!

Here are my Under $200 Top Picks from Tiffany & Co.:

Tiffany 1837 bar pendant in sterling silver: This necklace is number one on my holiday Tiffany wish-list! It's only $140, so I don't feel too bad about asking for it, and I know I will wear it all the time. (Hi, Santa!)

Return to Tiffany mini double heart tag pendant in silver with enamel finish: This is also on my 'must-have' list because I love, love, love it. Isn't is so pretty? It's only $140, too. Very affordable!

Band ring in sterling silver with Tiffany Blue enamel finish: This is one of those rings you'll probably wear day after day, year after year, with no need to ever really take it off. Before you know it, this ring will become a staple on your hand, and you won't ever even need to buy another ring again! See how easy it is to justify the $165 cost? Worth it!

Tiffany Locks heart lock in sterling silver with enamel finish: This beautiful heart lock (isn't the turquoise stunning?) would make a great addition to any Return to Tiffany bracelet. I have the C and D letter locks that I received one Mother's Day from my boys. I love having their initial's on my bracelet, and I wear my bracelet every single day. This heart lock would make a great addition, and it's only $140.

Paloma Picasso Love bracelet in sterling silver: This beautiful bracelet would look good on anyone! I love the word "love" on the bracelet, and I think it would make a great gift. It is very unique, too. This bracelet is just under $200, priced at $195.

There you go, friends. My picks for best gifts under $200 from my beloved Tiffany & Co. Another great gift for the wine lover in your life? A set of Tiffany & Co. wine glasses, for only $30 each. How awesome and gift-worthy is that?

Happy shopping!

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