Lisa Thornbury: Party Mummy


Wow Your Guests With This Easy Trick

Be The Hostess With The Mostess And Serve Up A Little Cappuccino Art

Coffee stencils will tranform a cappuccino from ordinary to extraordinary in less than two minutes, thus bringing you one step closer to becoming a member of the Hostess Hall Of Fame.

You'll Need:

pretty coffee mug

cappuccino or latte - You can use a cappuccino maker if you have one, but a powder mixed with hot water works too or just top your regualr coffee with steamed milk, frothed.

coffee stencils – Sold at most upscale kitchen stores. There are full “holiday sets” available this time of year but my hinged set of four (star, cafe, happy face, heart) can be used throughout the year. I use the star during the holidays. If possible, buy the kind with a lip to prevent your powder from spilling everywhere.  My set doesn’t have a lip, so I put the mug on a plate before sprinkling.

shaker – Makes this easier, but it’s not necessary if you don’t have one.  Just sprinkle slowly with a spoon.

1.    Make the cappuccino.

2.    Place a stencil over the mug.

3.    Sift cocoa over the stencil.

4.    Serve and practise your *HHF acceptance speech.

Apparently the stencils can also be used to make designs on cakes and cupcakes (this is hearsay by the way since I don’t bake, I “bakery.”)

A set of stencils and a package of cappuccino mix or a milk frother would make an excellent hostess gift.

*HHF = Hostess Hall of Fame.  What?  There IS one. I'm sure of it.  I think it's in Upstate New York somewhere.  Martha Stewart is involved somehow...