Lisa Thornbury: Party Mummy


The Perfect Teacher Gift Idea

A Practical, Pretty and Scent-sational Gift

I'm clueless when it comes to home decor. That's my pal Sarah Gunn's domain. Luckily, my husband takes care of our home decor. The man has flair. He loves tolerates becomes irritated when I share that with people.

Though I may be flair challenged, occasionally I stumble upon something fabulous. Like last week when I was sniffing my way around Bath and Body Works. Literally. I sniff each soap before I buy. My husband doesn't like anything too flowery and I can't stand soap that smells of spice - cinnamon, cloves...ick. Cucumber Melon seems to have our mutual conscent. Con-scent. Get it? Apparently sniffing too much soap stimulates the word-play centre of the brain. Scientific fact.

Anyway, their soap is fabulous. What's even better are the silver covers that slip over the plastic soap pump. They come in all sorts of patterns - floral, geometric, seasonal snowflakes, etc.

The soap sleeves (I'm calling them "Soap Cozies") are only $5.00. Combine with a holiday soap or a classic scent, and you've got yourself a practical and inexpensive gift any hostess would love. I mean, everyone washes their hands right? And if they don't, you probably want to avoid THAT Christmas party. Instead, give the soap/soap cozy as a teacher gift, because you know teachers wash their hands...often. Hello, classrooms are a giant germ infested petri dish. Scientific Fact.

Have a very flairy holiday season everyone and remember, friends don't let friends over-sniff soap.