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The Best Victoria Day Cocktail

Keep It Easy and Tasty This Long Weekend

Going to a cottage this long weekend to sip cocktails by a shimmering lake? That's fantastic! While you're doing that, I will be cleaning out my garage as my kids splash around in our classy micro pool/toy bucket. Sigh. 

Here's something to make this stellar weekend even better. It's a slacker secret, so don't spread this around...

The Palm Bay Breeze is the tastiest, fanciest, EASIEST cocktail ever! Friends will think you went to a lot of trouble and expense when, in fact, you did next to nothing (which in my opinion is just plain smart entertaining).

Ingredients: Palm Bay Vodka coolers* (they come in a six-pack for $11.95 at the LCBO and come in a variety of flavours—Ruby Grapefruit sunrise is my favourite), pre-washed berries, ice, and a muddler or a wooden spoon.

No need to transport a bunch of bottles to the cottage. A few berries and a few (or MANY, if you're stuck at home clearing out a stinky garage!) coolers, and you're ready to roll!

Muddle (mush) a few berries in a glass.

Add ice, fill the glass with the cooler, and stir. Instant fancy cocktail without any fuss!

Cheers to happy long weekend everyone!

Here's another simple "Make and Take" cocktail recipe to try.