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Summer Drink Trends

Cool off with these refreshing summer sippers

I haven’t been trendy in years. Funky fashion has given way to sourcing out the funky smell in the mini-van. However, while perusing the LCBO Trend Report, I discovered that unlike my current lifestyle, my beverage choices are actually pretty hip. Is hip even a trendy hip saying anymore?

Wheat beer and Pinot Grigio are expected to be popular choices for spring and summer. Um, hello? Giant mugs of Hoegaarden and I go waaaay back. FYI, it’s pronounced “who-garden” not "ho-garden" because duh, we all know a ho-garden is where they grow prostitutes.

I’m also a Pinot Grigio fanatic. Just look in my fridge.

Why yes, that IS a box of wine. Kathy Griffin’s mom and I have a lot in common. We both like to "Tip it!"  As a former boxed wine snob, I must say some boxed wines offer both great value and they're tasty.

The LCBO also sees “modern classic cocktails, drinks made with super-premium vodkas, 100% agave tequila and single malt Scotches topping the list at bars. As well, sparkling wine will be a popular choice for Saturday night dinners and movie-night Tuesdays, not only special occasions.”

“Premium vodka and spiced rum, blended and full-bodied red wines (i.e Ripasso and Pinot Noir), summer refreshers like wheat beer and Pinot Grigio and practically anything local are poised to take centre stage this spring and beyond.”
So don’t worry if your mom-inspired lifestyle isn’t exactly on trend. Wow your guests with these current libations and they won’t even notice your circa 2003 mom jeans...


photo credit: Piña colada via photopin (license)