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Stress-Free Holiday Party

No Need To Panic...Even If Your Holiday Table Catches Fire

Whether it's a huge bash or a small group by the fire, parties make my world go round. I live for the lively conversation and the warmth of friends. I also really dig the whole party planning process. Making detailed lists is my thing (I’m fairly certain my mother dropped me on my head as an infant).

This does not mean I’m a naturally calm or STRESS-FREE hostess.  Oooooh, noooo.  I stress.

I have friends who refuse to entertain EVER because it wigs them out. Hosting a dinner party is one thing, but can you imagine hosting the Acadamy Awards?  Now that would be stressful.  In comparison, how hard can a soiree with a few friends be?

The day of a party at my house, my husband steers clear of me.  Apparently I can be a titch hyper.  I’m sure I heard him call me a, “Tazmanian Devil” under his breath.  As if.  I’m harmless.  Unless of course you get in my way while I’m setting the table or cleaning the bathroom mirror.

But, once the guests arrive, I unclench my jaw and reap the benefits of the planning and preparation.  Besides, if something does go wrong, friends won't care. Like the time our dining room table caught on fire.  Now that’s a prime example of things NOT going smoothly.  Once the blaze was extinguished, we laughed. It was the highlight of the party actually.  Paper napkins and tea lights....not a good combo.  Just so you know.

So this holiday season, take down that “No Room At The Inn” sign and don’t be shy about asking people to bring some frankincense and myrrh for the party. Potlucks are hawt. When your guests arrive, relax and enjoy, but if you start to panic, just remember that Party Mummy’s dining room table caught on fire and the party was still a blazing success.

* I recently attended a Christmas party where a guest's hair caught fire. He was fine and we partied on. The smell of burnt hair gave me an odd sense of comfort; I was happy to know I wasn't the only host to set something or someone on fire.

Party Mummy, Straight Up

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