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Simple Entertaining Tip: Mason Jar Magic

A Valuable Resource For Party Hosts!

entertaining with mason jars

I have mad love for wide mouthed mason jars...and not just because of my personal connection with their wide mouth-ed-ness. Besides being a vessel for a well spiced Caesar, mason jars have many unique uses!

Did you know mason jars have been used for thousands of years by the Freemasons and were highly valued and worshipped in Masonic temples? Ok that's a lie. They were actually invented by John Mason in 1858 for canning preserves. So sue me for trying to make this post seem more exciting.

Do you know where detectives keep their jelly beans? In Perry Mason jars! Bah dum dum (dumb).

Is my over-use of puns “jarring?” I’m sorry. I’ll just can it and give you some actual information.  Mason jars are a seriously valuable resource for any party host.

Here are some cheeky ways to entertain using mason jars.

Fill a row of jars with silver cake decorating balls and top with tea lights to illuminate a New Year’s eve table. Or use green Junior Mints for a “SweetPea” effect (perfect for a “Two Peas in a Pod” babyshower for twins!)

Before your party, scoop ice cream into the jars and freeze with the lid on. When it’s time for dessert, present your guests with a tray of jars, spoons and dessert toppings and instant Sundae Bar!

Decorate a kids’ party table with candy filled jars!  Butterfly jellies for a little girl’s birthday party, Smarties when your super smart kid graduates from kindergarten or college (kids of every age love candy), marshmallow teeth on the eve before your child gets braces (no sticky treats once the train tracks are installed), or Coke gummies for a pop and chip party.

Alternate jars with blue and pink candies (I forgot to photograph the pink jelly beans!) or use purple candies for a baby shower when the sex is unknown. Hmm, what other theme could you use blue balls for? I know there’s a joke there, but I’m keeping this post g-rated.

Adults appreciate candy too. How about jars filled with chocolate money to celebrate a job promotion? Or candy keys for a cheeky spin on the “keys in a bowl” party? Or sour balls to commiserate with a gal pal who’s had some bad luck recently.

Here's to an amason' party! That one was a bit of a stretch wasn't it?

Header Image: navarrd via photopin cc