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Romantic Getaway

Deerhurst Resort Party Of Two


I slept with Barack Obama. 

Ok technically, not with...but near where he slept during the G8 Summit in Muskoka last summer. President Obama and a cast of super powers walked the same grounds, dined at the same restaurants and possibly slept on the same sheets as my husband and I only a months later.

This is a rather lame brush with greatness, but it’s ok. The only person I really want to brush up against is my husband anyway. We recently celebrated our ten year wedding anniversary at Deerhurst Resort. It was the natural choice. It’s where we honeymooned and have spent many romantic weekends since. I guess you could say it's "our place." And Obama's.

It’s only two hours north of Toronto, but when we’re there, we feel worlds away. It’s the perfect winter escape. Along with the charm, the picturesque setting and the wide array of activities, what continues to bring us back is the friendly, relaxed atmosphere. From the retired Toronto principal who shuttled us to and fro between our chalet and the main building, to the folks at the front desk, everyone exudes warmth, despite the frosty temperatures.

I would’ve happily spent the entire weekend in our room curled up by the fire with a newspaper, some wine and my man, gazing out at the view. It was so quiet I could actually hear my own heartbeat. When you have kids, you’re lucky if you can hear the phone ringing, let alone your beating heart.

So we spent the first night enjoying the serenity, sequestered in the Jacuzzi tub in our room, with a view of the lake and...the television! Seriously, nothing beats a bubble bath while watching HGTV with room service. Nothing. Well, except maybe the full eight hours of uninterrupted sleep that followed.

While the “Do Not Disturb” sign may have been hung on the door that night, there are plenty of other recreational activities to enjoy at this fully operational winter resort. Tennis, squash, fitness room (will check that out next time *cough cough...sure I will*) and pool, horseback trail rides, and even a romantic sleigh ride. Weather permitting, there are miles of hiking trails to explore and for those wanting to work out a little marital tension, there’s paintball nearby.

My husband seemed particularly interested in the Winter Hummer Tours....

This visit we tried something we’d never done together—my husband and I stripped down, oiled up and were joined by two woman...masseuses for a couple’s massage. Sorry. I sort of set that up with the hummer joke, so I went with it. But seriously, have you ever had a couple’s massage? It’s divine. We did have one rule though we could really get the full relaxation experience. NO TALKING. Either of us (we both talk a lot so this was a feat).

After our massage, we were limber and ready for a night out. We started with the most decadently delicious candle lit dinner.  

At the Eclipse restaurant, try the scallops and the gourmet poutine. Oh. My. God. Heaven. The wine list is extensive and fabulous too. We polished off some dessert (We were the annoying couple feeding each other. I know. It’s so wrong) and headed over to watch Decades – a broadway-esque musical review. We toasted each other with a beer and sang along and we partied like we WEREN’T two married-with-children-mini-drivin’-old-fogies. We like to role play like that. And, cue “Do Not Disturb Sign” back on the door.

Any time of year is a good time to escape for a romantic Party of Two getaway, but Deerhurst has several hot deals for Valentines. You can check them out here.  

See you in Muskoka!