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Canada Day Fare—Red and White Grilled Nachos

Nacho' Ordinary Canada Day BBQ!

Canada Day...fireworks, family and BBQs. Good times all around. (Okay, minus the fireworks if you're a dog owner...)

This is probably "not cho" first thought when it comes to BBQ fare but here is a cheesy (in a good way) treat to serve on our country's special day—red and white nachos grilled on the BBQ!

Ingredients: Red and white nacho chips. I planned to buy the colours separately and combine, but was pleasantly surprised to find "Oh Canada" chips at the grocery store.

You'll also need cheese like white Monterey, red peppers, tomatoes, cooked chicken (optional), sour cream, red and/or white onions and salsa. Also, may not be red or white, but is it really possible to have nachos without guac? I think not.

Layer chips on an aluminum pie plate (one plate for each individual serving) and dress with cheese, red peppers, onions and grilled chicken chunks. Tip: Allow the chicken to cool before you dice it. It'll be easier to cube.

Instead of heating up the oven, fire up the BBQ and grill the nachos. The BBQ should be set to medium heat. Grill with the lid closed, for about five minutes.

Put hot pie plate on serving plate, dress with tomatoes, sour cream, salsa and guacamole, crack open a cold beer with a lime wedge and enjoy!

Happy Canada Day everybody!!