Lisa Thornbury: Party Mummy


Party Dos and Do NOTS

Tips for partying like a 22 -year old in a 40-ish year old body

Life is stressful for all of us, for different reasons. This is why no matter how busy or tired or blue or whatever it is that's preventing you from getting out with your MUST make a point of letting loose. It feels great. Well, it does unless you over-indulge and spend the entire day-after hung over and begging for mercy and Tylenol. But generally speaking, going out and shaking what your mamma gave ya is always good for the soul.

Here are some of my dos and don'ts for partying like a 22 -year old in a 40-ish year old body.

Lips Icon DO approach any and every social situation with enthusiasm. If you go in expecting a good time, good times will abound. Every experience is what you make of it.

Lips Icon DO enjoy a few cocktails, but remember to keep hydrated. A glass of water between libations will keep drunk disorderly behaviour and a nasty hangover at bay.

Lips Icon DO NOT open bottles with your teeth. Bottle openers or corkscrews are better options.

Lips Icon DO eat a meal before going out on the town. An empty tummy does a drunken fool make. It may also prevent late night poutine binges. Maybe. Possibly.

Lips Icon DO NOT smoke.

Lips Icon DO be responsible. Stay over at a friend's house (if possible choose a friend without loud, up-at-the-crack-of-dawn children) or designate a responsible person to chauffeur you around. Pregnant and nursing friends are a hot commodity.

Lips Icon DO be respectful of other people's homes and belongings.

Smashed glasses

Lips Icon DO NOT do shots of any kind. They are tasty messengers of Satan that will have you wearing your bra outside your clothing before you can say slippery nipple.

Lips Icon DO enjoy a delicious and sophisticated cocktail with your friends. This is my favourite, a drink always shaken with love by my friend Cougar Barbie (her name has been changed to protect her identity, plus it makes me laugh).


The Classic French MartinFrench martini

1 ½ oz. vodka
½ oz. Chambord
2 oz. pineapple juice

Shake over ice, strain into a martini glass and serve with attitude.

Party on ladies!