Lisa Thornbury: Party Mummy


How To Organize A FUNdraiser

Stress Free Steps to Follow

Planning a fundraiser may seem daunting, but as long as you follow a few key steps, organizing a successful event can be relatively stress free.

Start with a cause that moves you.  If you feel passionate about it, everything will fall into place.

Don’t re-invent the wheel. Ask questions and utilize plans and systems others have found to be effective in the past.

Consider cost, space, atmosphere and location when selecting a venue. We held our recent Elmo Family FUNdraiser at Taima Zone Indoor Play Centre. It fit the bill in every way possible. Large space, bright, and centrally located. Our event celebrated children and this was the best place to do just that. My kids spent the entire night joyfully climbing, sliding, playing, laughing and being kids. Thank you Taima Zone for generously donating this gorgeous space. I will be back soon with children in tow and coffee in hand.

Ask for help, delegate and work as a team.  I struck gold with my party planning partner Angela. This Party Momma knows her stuff and helped turn a simple idea into an amazing event. PS Please give Adrian a thank you "tickle" for me. ;)

Make a detailed task list. Assign volunteers specific jobs for event day i.e. ticket takers, raffle ticket sellers, people to work the food table, etc. Thank you Heather,  Lisa and Diane, Laura, Sarah, Deb, Deb and Kathryn for making our Elmo Family FUNdraiser run smoothly. We could NOT have done it without you. And Anita and Jen, your photos are amazing. Thanks for capturing and preserving this day so beautifully.

On event day, set up as early as possible. However long you think this will take, add another hour or two. You do NOT want to be scrambling to set up raffle items as guests arrive. Ahem, NOT that I would know anything about that... *hangs head in shame.*

Here are some simple ways to promote your event:

Create a Facebook or blog page
Ask the venue and vendors to add a link to your event page on their website
Tweet out the link and details
Word of mouth
Email the info to friends and ask them to pass it along

Tickets: is a great way to keep track of numbers, share details about your event and it’s easy to use. Guests can pay for tickets via Paypal or if your event is free, they can simply reserve their tickets at no cost.

Making Moola:

Solicit food/drink/snack donations to sell at your event.

Thanks to the following wonderful companies for making our event a delicious success!




Panagao Oakville Pizza

Also invite vendors to sell their goods at your event. Make sure products fit the theme of the event. Ask vendors to donate a portion of their sales to the cause.

Vendor SuperStars:

Kathy and Kim Originals


Yo Books
One Greetings 

Organize a raffle and/or silent auction. Tell people about the cause and ask them to consider donating an item to include in the fundraiser.

* Be sure to thank donators for their generosity. I would personally like to acknowledge and thank with all my heart...

Angela, Party At Your Place
A Slice Above

Dee Brun, the Cocktail Deeva
Deb Lowther, IronKids
Edyta Drwiega and Aggie Kwiatkowski, Arbonne
Eric Alper
Hillcrest Camp
Kathy and Kim Originals 
Kathy Buckworth
Laura and Moe Berg
Lindsay, Glow Baby
Mables Labels
Mike and Laurie Hunter, Signature Authentics
Shelli Brar, Entripy
Today I Ate A Rainbow
Tracy Lawson

And a huge thank you to Maureen Dennis from for the amazing gift of an Elmo DVD for each party guest, as well as the entire DVD collection for Zack's Dream Room at York Central Hospital.

THANK YOU so much to these kind hearted people for making this fundraiser so successful.

Finally, remember to keep the FUN in FUNdraiser. Things may not go exactly according to plan, but that's ok and it's unlikely anyone will notice anyway. They will be too busy shopping, eating, making friends, having fun and making memories.

*The amazing people who donated their time or items for our raffle and silent auction didn't do so for recognition. They happily gave from their hearts because they wanted to help. xo