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DIY Gift Wrapping For Dummies

Festive But Frugal Gift Wrap

When I was asked me to share my tips for surviving the holidays, I knew exactly which topic to tackle...wrapping for dummies.  Me, being the biggest dummy of all.  Need proof? After watching an online tutorial on gift wrapping with foil, I decided to give it a try. The gift was supposed to resemble a silvery surprise, NOT a lasagne.

So clearly I'm gift wrap challenged. Though I have no problem wrapping gifts for my two Santa lovin’ kids. I could wrap their presents in toilet paper and they’d be happy. My challenge is teacher gifts.

We’ve been blessed with an amazing team of dedicated teachers, educational assistants and therapists who support my daughter every time. I can’t very well wrap their presents in toilet paper now can I? I want to show my appreciation by giving this sweet team of people something sweet in return this holiday.

And, what makes a sweeter gift than chocolate? Nuthin'. It’s a crowd pleaser and it's relatively inexpensive...which is essential when you’re buying for fourteen (I wasn’t kidding when I said my daughter has a “team”). And since teachers receive their gifts well before the holidays, even if they themselves don’t enjoy chocolate, they can surely use this tasty gift when entertaining this season. 

Last week I picked up an assortment of chocolates. I felt like a kid in a candy store. Literally. I couldn't decide between my go-to Lindor treats or the traditional Pot of Gold with the chocolate "map."  I remember pouring over that map as a child, planning which candy I'd choose next.  Ahhhh, memories.  I also grabbed some tape, curling ribbon, a roll of kraft paper, cello wrap, and a roll of plain white gift wrap. I was ready to wrap and roll!

Of course, I want the end result to be beautiful, but I don't want to spend a fortune on paper and embellishments. I’m frugal like that. (Your local Dollar Store is a good place to pick up some of these wrapping essentials). I also like the idea of adding functionality, staying as green as possible, and involving my kids in the process. Wrapping beautifully, yet frugally—that's my goal this season. That, and giving gifts that DON'T resemble frozen entrées .

Here are seven SIMPLE ways to wrap your sweet gifts beauti-frugally...

1. Combine Two Gifts In One - For a fabulous female in your life, wrap your gift in a scarf. Here’s how.

2. Make Your Wrapping Fun, Funky and Functional - For a groovy guy in your life (a male teacher perhaps?) tie a ribbon around your gift and attach a holiday themed neck tie. 

3.  Involve Your Kids - Mine always make, or at least sign, the cards for their teachers. Now they make gift wrap too! Just roll out plain white gift wrap on the table and let your children adorn it with red and green paint thumb prints. When it dries, you’ll have beautifully personalized gift wrap (plus you can check “do something crafty with the kids” off your mom-list). Add a ribbon and a gift tag and ta-dah!

4. Involve Your Kids II - While you have the paint out, use your child's hand to stamp gifts wrapped in simple brown paper. 

5. Re-Use - You know those trimmed off bits of gift wrap you usually toss? Instead, wrap a strip around the center of a gift wrapped in plain Kraft paper. Simple. 

6. Personalize - Make your own gift tags and if your child is old enough, have them write the message. Here’s how: 



And that my friends, is a wrap! May your holiday be merry and sweet.


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photo credit: wrapped gifts with string and paper tape scissors on wood table via photopin (license)