Lisa Thornbury: Party Mummy


Family Games Night

A Family That Plays Together, Stays Together

Board games are a staple in our family. Plus chips. Games Night isn't complete without chips {and dip}.

Some of our fave family games include:

Charades and Pictionary. Oldies but goodies {which also allow me to park my butt on the couch and check my email WHILE playing}.

Mousetrap. Yes, torture for some. I don't love it, but it keeps the kids busy so I can focus on dipping my chips.

Boggle. I freaking LOVE Boggle. It boggles my mind how much I love it.

Candyland.  Oh wait, scratch that. I hate that game.

Whose Nose? Straight up, this game is boring BUT it's great for toddlers. My daughter chose it the other night and we played as a family. It was actually kind of fun.

Cards. I'm surprised my kids weren't born with dorsal fins, since they're clearly card sharks. Snap, War, Old Maid, Crazy Eights and Cheat are fun for the whole family. And, may I just say, hiding cards in ones bra during a heated game of Cheat is absolutely acceptable despite what family members might say.

Awkward Family Photos Game. This is great fun for the entire family. As long as you can control yourself and keep it G-rated. Unlike THIS saucy version.

We're a pretty playful bunch over here, but there are a few GAMES I REFUSE TO PLAY which include: Monopoly, Risk, Stratego and of course, mind games. I'm not big into those either.

Play with your kids NOW because soon enough, they won't want to play with you at all and you'll be left, dealing yourself a  lonely hand of Solitaire, pining for the days when your kids thought Games Night was the best...thing...ever.

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