Lisa Thornbury: Party Mummy


Easy, Yummy Pot Luck Party

Step By Step

Here’s a simple and inexpensive way to host a low-key evening with friends. Bonus - you get to sample some new wines and beers. Er, wines and beer? I never know if it’s beer or beers. Whatever. Just keep ‘em coming and after a few beer(s), grammar doesn't matter as much no more do it?

I digress.

Here’s how to hook this shindig up:

Invite a few couples.

Ask each woman to bring one favourite bottle of wine. Nothing expensive, just something tasty they enjoy and would recommend. Also request a small sample of a nice cheese to complement their wine.

Ask the guys to bring a six pack of an interesting beer.  Perhaps a relatively unknown gem from a microbrewery. They should also bring a savoury snack to accompany their beer, i.e. chips, seasoned nuts (yes, I know there's a joke to be made, but I'm far too mature for that), pretzels, etc.

Set up two tables:

A wine table with glasses, cork screws and ice buckets to chill the whites. Put out the cheeses with a cutting board and knife. Provide crackers, tart apple slices and grapes and even some dark chocolate to nibble while enjoying the wines.

A beer table with beer stines, openers and a large ice bucket to keep the beer bottles chilled. Arrange the snacks on the table. Bring out some hot appies a little later in the evening, i.e. tangy chicken wings or hot flat breads with a yummy topping.

Have each guest say a few words about their wine and beer selections and then....have at it.  Try everything. Maybe you’ll discover a new favourite or at least have fun trying.

Cheers! ~ Party Mummy