Lisa Thornbury: Party Mummy


Creative Playdate Ideas

Keep Them Engaged

Here are ten activities to keep your little people happily engaged when their friends come to play. Remember ladies, there's safety in numbers, so gather the troupes and get out there and party.

Sundae party – assign each guest a sundae topping.  Host provides the ice cream and bowls. Let the kids create their own sundaes.  Eat and enjoy.  Save the extra whipped cream for when daddy gets home. Just kidding. Ew.

Bicycle parade – provide ribbons, paper, and whatever else so the kids can decorate their bikes or scooters.  Parade the bejazzled bikes around the neighbourhood.

Play date video session – video tape portions of a play date and then show the video later on with popcorn. Kids LOVE to watch themselves (FYI, so do I! lol!).

Rainy Day Scrapbooking Party – take pictures of each child or have the kids take shots of each other.  Print 4-6 pics of each child and have them glue them into a plain scrapbook. Provide stickers and markers, pencil crayons etc. Help them write a sentence or descriptive words under each photo.  Let them decorate the cover. 

Water wars – if it's a warm day, fill the kiddy pool, provide water shooters, water balloons and plenty of sunscreen.  Find a shady spot AWAY from the action and let the wild rumpus begin.

Ikea Ball Room – kids are supervised while you and your friends shop or eat Swedish meatballs.

Night time – drive-in movie.  Bring lawn chairs for everyone to sit outside to enjoy the first kid friendly movie.  Make the back of the van into a comfy slumber area...blankets, pillows,etc.  The kids can snooze (maybe, possibly?) during the second flick.

Put on a show! - Provide dress up clothes and let the kids practice a show of some kind. While they practice, you can visit with friends.  Be the audience when the show is ready.  Keep heckling to a minimum.

Take the gang on a field trip – plenty of free options: pet store, park, nature walk, library, community drop in programmes...