Lisa Thornbury: Party Mummy


Christmas Eve Around The World

Have yourself an ethnic little christmas

For the past few years, on Christmas Eve, we've borrowed from the Mexican celebration Noche Buena and hosted a “Feliz Navidad Festivus.” Why, you ask? Any excuse to eat guacamole is reason enough for me.

We shake maracas and indulge in fajitas, nachos, con queso and of course, guacamole. A few margaritas or a Corona while wrapping gifts, and you've got yourself a festive fiesta.

Friends and family join in every year.  The look on my mother-in-law’s face that first fiesta was one of sheer bewilderment. “Where is the cheese log? Is there even egg nog??” Her uncertainty was short lived as moments later she was happily onto her second fajita, cheese sauce dripping merrily from her chin.

This year my son asked, "Do we have to have Feliz Navidad Festivus this year? Can't we just be normal?" Oh silly boy, of course we can't. However, instead of mexican, we could explore another international menu...

How about Japanese food? Sushi + sake = "Konichiwa Christmas?"

Or Indian, featuring Samosa Claus, Frosty the Snow Naan, Ruldolf the Red Nosed Rein-paneer and for our Jewish friends, perhaps a pakora menorah?

Maybe Chinese? We could order in some Ho-Ho-Lo Mein, Santa (crab) Claws and sauteed SNOW peas.

I'd like to say that exploring the food and traditions of other cultures is primarily aimed at opening my children's eyes to diversity. I could say that, but it would only be half true. The other half of the story is that the holidays are BUSY! Ordering in some unique and tasty food before the onslaught of mince tarts, turkey, and Christmas pudding is easy and fun! And did I mention delicious?

What does your family eat on Christmas eve?