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Don't Feel Gelty about Serving these Lazy Latkes

Latkes For The Lazy

My son told his class that our family celebrates Hanukkah. News to me since we’re not actually Jewish. But since it's great to teach kids about all kinds of celebrations, I dug through my teacher box in the basement and found my copy of “Latkes and Applesauce."

When I told my friend we were celebrating Hanukkah she said, “I don’t know a lot about it.”

Celebrate Hanukkah: Traditional Recipes With A Twist

“We’re reading the book and serving up Latkes and some gelt.” I told her

“Oh, THAT I can do." she said.  "I have lots of guilt to dish out!”

I nearly fell over laughing. “Gelt! Hanukah GELT! Chocolate coins wrapped in gold foil.” 

If you’d like to throw a Hanukah party of your own, and would like to try making latkes, check out Erica Ehm's Bubby's recipe here. If you choose to go the lazy route like me, you can buy premade latkes (Wholefoods carries all kinds—tradtional potato, spinach, veggie, zucchini...). It's really is okay to buy frozen, so please don't feel "gelty."

Happy Hanukkah!

~Party Mummy, straight up